When working with a new supplier or business partner, it is crucial to scrutinize the effectiveness of their factory quality control systems. This is where performing a factory audit (also known as an extensive factory audit or a manufacturing audit) comes into the picture. The quality control system of an organization plays a huge role in minimizing risks, thereby determining its success and that of its partners.

Pre-shipment inspections are performed on-site at the factory or forwarder’s warehouse before containers are loaded and shipped. They are usually conducted before the order is packed and serve as the final quality control check before the delivery of goods. This is why they’re also referred to as a Final Random Inspection (FRI).

Our QC team inspection involves randomly sampling the goods to determine if they are in accordance with the internationally accepted standard, ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1). This is achieved by following a comprehensive quality assessment of the selected samples with the help of a series of product tests and an AQL inspection. The elements in our checklist are tailored to accommodate your unique requirements and the quality standard of your target market.

Required Lab testing and certifications can also be arranged where needed. Global Exporters has good relations with reputable companies such as SGS.

QC appoved (image)