Etiquette for Asian Ceremony Attendants

Weddings are a celebratory occasion with a lot of service and convention in most other cultures around the world. Asian celebrations are no exceptions, and customers must observe a variety of politeness in order to be courteous of the partners and their tradition.

Giving gifts

The act of gift-giving is a very significant aspect of the wedding time in Asian traditions. Even if the couple does n’t have a registry, it is customary to bring money or items from a set, like glasses and cutlery. A typical way to present this gift is to use a red ( angpow ) envelope ( angpow ). Gifts like sweets or pastries, flowers or a chai set are also satisfactory.

It is generally recommended to stay away from products that represent fatality or mourning. Watches, towels, pointed and sharp things, or sets of four are never regarded as ideal and may annoy the pair. However, more contemporary presents like restaurant goods, bedsheets, or residence decor are frequently very much appreciated.

Arriving on time

Being professional is very important at Asiatic weddings, especially if the ceremony is a feast, as it goes without saying. This demonstrates your understanding for the handful and is seen as a sign of respect.






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